Floating Captain America Shield

My wife bought this beautiful 1:1 scale Captain America shield replica, and we figured that it would look great hanging on the wall of our living room. I researched a couple of methods for hanging shields, but none of them gave the floating effect that I wanted, so I designed a french cleat style hanger. In this video, I show how the hanger is made.


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  1. Craig Cecil

    Jonathan, could you share some dimensions please? Dowel diameter, plywood L x W X H?

    • jfritz

      Hey Craig,

      The dowel is approximately 2″ in diameter. Both pieces of plywood are 3/4″ thick, about 10″ long, and maybe 4″ wide. Exact dimensions are not crucial as long as the dowel is firmly affixed to the removable piece of plywood, and the dowel is long enough to support both straps on the shield.

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