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Wood Working Basics: Table Saws

After my first couple of project videos, I got some feedback saying that I was using terms that viewers weren’t familiar with. With that in mind, I decided to make a series of videos that serve as introductory pieces to various wood working topics.

The goal is to highlight a particular tool or technique, explain its vocabulary, and why it’s useful in the shop. This is a good first shot at that concept, but I think I can improve on the idea in future videos.

Let me know if there are any terms or tools that you’d like to see in a future Woodworking Basics video.

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SlightlySauced Episode 201: Don’t Call it a Comeback

Two years after going on an extended hiatus, SlightlySauced is back! It was great to get back on the mic with two guys that I’ve been hanging out with since high school.

The show is available wherever you internet:

  • Direct Download (right-click and save as, or open in a new tab)
  • On our website (it’s hosted on Tumblr, so follow us there if you use that platform)
  • On iTunes (subscribe on your i-devices)
  • Via RSS (subscribe with your… email client? I don’t know, what uses RSS these days?)

Thanks for listening!

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