Politics are No Place for Children

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With the Canadian Federal Election less than a week away, I figure it’s important to bring a refreshing view to the campaigns of our various candidates. This video was aired on the Rick Mercer Report a couple weeks ago, and is worth a watch:

Speaking of Elections, the latest Lispop projections (As of October 8th) are giving Stephan Harper’s Conservatives 138/308 seats in the House, which is roughly 45% – A Solid Minority Government, which is great for hippies like me.

To switch elections for just a moment, Rolling Stone Magazine published two excellent articles this month regarding John McCain, and Sarah Palin. Keep in mind that they’re a tad biased, and a definite example of the much rumoured “Liberal Media,” but fantastic reading nonetheless. Biting, entertaining, and unapologetically honest, these are articles that traditional news outlets would be afraid to run.